Business Loan


Kenya Youth business trust Mombasa makes it easier for aspiring young business owners to secure financing. We offer collateral-free loans with no interest rates. But we can’t do it alone. Our funding amount is up to a Maximum of KShs 100,000 and a minimum of KShs 10,000 per business, with a repayment period of 12 months.

Kenya Youth business trust Mombasa Repayment Terms & Fees.

  • Up to KShs100,000 with a term over one years.
  • NO Interest is charged.
  • KShs 5000 Management fees is paid over a term of one year, added to your monthly repayment installment.
  • Principal repayments are made in equal monthly instalments together with Management fees, over one year.
  • No penalty for early repayment.
  • No registration fee.


Kenya Youth business trust Mombasa is eager to support aspiring business owners who are 18 – 34 years old who are Kenyan citizens and are Mombasa residents. You must have a business already started or a business idea with Is viable. The fund strictly are meant for business purpose only either to start a business or grow you existing business.

The Benefit

If you are successful in receiving the funding, you will be matched with an experienced business mentor to help you on your journey for the first 12 months. You also have a chance to attend our regular workshops and networking events.