Ramadhan Juma

Ramadhan Juma

Ramadhan Juma grew up in the rough neighborhood of Magongo where many boys shun education at an early age to later graduate in life as criminals. However there are many who failed to advance academically owing to their poor family backgrounds. Ramadhan fell in this category and although he was tempted by his contemporaries to join crime and live dangerously, he chose to earn an honest living through his own sweat. But the trouble was, odd jobs were hard to come by until luck knocked on his door one day. “I was sitting at home wondering when a construction job would come by when an old friend came to visit. It did not take long before he told me the mission of his visit. It was all about KYBT which he had learnt about from Radio Salaam FM and immediately he begun explaining to me all about it, I smelt something positive. After a lengthy discussion, we agreed that I accompany him the to KYBT centre

Ramadhan recalls.He says even before going to KYBT, he already had an idea about the kind of business he would venture into. He wanted to start the business of selling water. “At KYBT I was at first inducted into the business world through a programme that has ensured that I can comfortably handle all the challenges coming my way. I was then given a loan of Ksh 64,000 which I used to purchase water tanks. I started my business immediately which involves buying and selling water at a profit,” says the 27 year old single man who confesses that through his business it will be a dream come true to marry his long time fiancé before the end of this year. Ramadhan is confident of repaying the loan before obtaining another one to expand his business.

He has so far employed one person but he predicts that he will keep employing more as the

business expands.

Alhamdullilah. God is great. May KYBT keep up the good work to help more youth. I pray for them.


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