When a cross-section of African women and particularly those from Kenya get divorced, they tend to lose hope in life.

 As a result many especially those without a particular ounce of income succumb To depression of bringing up children single handed. However, there are

Exceptions. There are bold and brave women who withstand the society’s biased attitude towards single women and stand out to make a difference in the process inspiring hundreds of others Suffering the same fate. Nuru Said narrate the story of her life, leaves no doubt that sheClearly falls in this category.“I was divorced by my husband who left me nursing a toddler. I

Was left homeless and with a child to take off. I could have despaired. I could have turned to Immorality. However after finding solace and comfort in my sister who inspired me to take charge of my life, I chose a path and followed it,” the 27 year old single mother says.She followed the path she chose because after being sold the idea of investing From a loan obtained at the KYBT by her elder sister who works at the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK), she has never looked back. She went through the mentor ship programme And later obtained a loan of Ksh 70,000 which she spent on establishing an an open catering business.

“I am no longer hopeless. I have a wide Clients whom I supply food to from Monday to Friday and they are increasing By the day forcing me to even outsource From business partners. I am looking Forward to opening a cafeteria in the next Few months in a central location within Mombasa town as I step up my business Expansion plans. It will also help me Explore another market pie where I will Obtain equipment for hire during wedding,Funerals and other ceremonies,” she says.The young divorced woman who was

Staring at emptiness some time back is now a full time employer of three people with their own families and with the current business prospects, things continues to look up. She is a candid example

On why divorced women should not give up when there are opportunities such as the ones provided


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