Mwaka Abdalla

Mwaka Abdalla

Mwaka Abdalla, who is 30 years old now, grew up in Likoni in a family of 8 children and a single mother. Her mother was a nursery school teacher and struggled to take her children to school. Mwaka studied until high school but was unable to continue to college to fulfill her childhood dream of being a doctor due to the family circumstances.

She then involved herself in community work and worked for organizations like MUHURI. She was also contracted in several other projects as a social worker. However, she decided to be an entrepreneur later on because she couldn’t completely rely on community projects for they are just contracts for a certain while.

Her aunt had a hotel business at Majengo Mapya area before she passed on. Mwaka thought why not continue with the business since it was already established with ready customers. She therefore approached KYBT and requested for a loan to start her business in the same area as her aunt.

At the beginning, Mwaka was scared since there was high competition as well as the fear that the customers might not like her food as they did with her aunt. Nonetheless, the business is going on well for the area is busy and customers are available. At the moment, Mwaka has 3 employees working for her as she goes on with her community works.

Her greatest mentor is her mother who has been giving her maximum support as well as valuable advice. From KYBT, Abbas has also been advising her and giving her different business tips that she really appreciates.

For Mwaka, KYBT is the right place for youth to visit for it gives them the confidence and mentorship. Her advice to the youth is, ‘One must be hard working and search for the opportunities. If you don’t show your potential, how do you expect to get opportunities?’

Mwaka hopes to be a very successful and fully independent entrepreneur in the future for she still has many goals to achieve.



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