Mulhat Abdallah

Mulhat Abdallah, from Lamu, always had a dream to be a clinical officer. Having being raised by a single mother and grandparents, she wanted to work hard and be able to help her younger siblings. Her grandparents did fishery while her mother was just a house wife who later on had to work in a go-down so as to educate her first child; Mulhat.

Mulhat’s dream to be a clinical officer was however shattered when she applied thrice to study the course and was rejected. She thereafter decided to study pharmacy and was able to successfully graduate the diploma course.

Mulhat really wished she could start her own pharmacy but was unable to due to lack of funds. She therefore searched for a job and finally got employed at a pharmacy in Bondeni and worked in it for 7 years.

After a while, Mulhat got married to a young man who had also studied pharmacy amongst other courses. She decided to ask for help from him so as to finally accomplish her goal of owning a pharmacy. Her family discouraged her from starting it up due to lack of money. However, her husband went on and asked for a loan of 300,000 Kshs from his work place and they started preparing their pharmacy; doing wiring of the place, painting and putting shelves.

Mulhat was expecting financial help from her cousin so as to fill the stock of her pharmacy and unfortunately, due to some circumstances, she couldn’t give her the money. This became a crisis for both Mulhat and her husband for they had to pay for the place for two months for nothing because there was no stock to sell yet.

She tried seeking help from different places but they all required her to give title deed or a logbook in order to get a loan. She then talked to one of her old customers who had a shop next to the pharmacy she worked at previously. Coincidentally, he happens to be one of the guarantors of KYBT and he encouraged her to get the loan from the organization.

Coming to KYBT, she talked to Mr. Ali who kept giving her positive responses and gave her hope as she was a bit restless. She was finally given the loan she needed and was able to stock her pharmacy.

It was a very nice feeling when the first customer came by especially the struggle she and her husband had been through. Her family is happy that she finally made it despite their discouragement and worry.

Mulhat considers her husband as her mentor for he’s been a true partner and assisted her in all ways for her to achieve her goal. Her advice to the youth venturing into entrepreneurship is that they should never lose hope; someday their dream will come true as well. She considers KYBT a great organization for youth to connect with especially those coming from poor families.

At the moment Mulhat is a mother of one boy who is two years old although she took him to Lamu to his grandmother. Apart from that, she is managing her business well and is happy about it. Mulhat’s future goal is have her own wholesale and open up other branches in strategic places.

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