Mohammad Ali Athman

Mohammad Ali Athman

Mohammad Ali Athman (27) grew up in Old town in a family of 4 siblings. His mother was a tailor while his father is a light transporter. Mohammad studied to form four level before his father became very ill and he had to take over his father’s business for he was the first born. He didn’t mind since his childhood dream was to be a business man all along.

Previously, he was employed as a cashier in butchery for two years. After a while his father got better and resumed his business. It is then that Mohammad decided to venture into his own business. He then approached KYBT for his first loan and started fruit business where he would transport mangoes into different areas and markets. However, the fruit business was greatly depending on seasons and thus, he resolved into starting another business.

In 2015, he came to KYBT for his second loan to start a livestock business where he was buying livestock and selling it to slaughter houses. Since he already had experience and the skill working in butchery, he changed his livestock business into butchery.

Several people encouraged him with his business apart from his father who wanted him to join him in his transporter business. Mr. Abdulalim of KYBT encouraged him a lot and advised him on how to be a successful business man.

He admits that he gets challenges such as high competition and customers returning the orders sometimes. Nonetheless, his business is going on well and he now has two employees working for him.

Mohammad is glad of the good service at KYBT and his advice to the youth is that they should crack their brains and try out something instead of just sitting idle. His future hope is to try new businesses.

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