Kassim Mohammed Omar

Kassim Mohammed Omar

When Kassim Mohammed was informed about the Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT) by an uncle

He was at first apprehensive.

He had heard numerous stories about the infamous pyramid schemes that conned thousands of Kenyans their hard earned savings and he had grown wary of financial

Institutions offering loans including banks.

But then his small poultry business was struggling and

Without some of form of capital boost he could as well start writing its obituary.

“After holding lengthy talks with my uncle who had been instrumental in my up-bringing having

Come from a humble background, I decided it was worth my time to make a visit to the KYBT offices

In Mvita here in Mombasa to hear firsthand what my uncle had imparted on me. It is a visit that will forever remain cherished in my life as it marked the turning point of my life,” Kassim said when he

Shared his experience at the KYBT officec

He says during the visit he was taken through a brief formal course in entrepreneurship before being given a loan of approximately Cash 50,000 which he was to repay in instalments.

He says he used the loan to build a poultry farm and increase the number of broilers from 200 to700. Kassim adds that the cash injection saw his business fortunes increase and he was able to repay the loan in a span of four months.

Two full time workers are also on the payroll of the 32 year old entrepreneur and he says he happy

That he has contributed in creating employment for youth who would otherwise be languishing in Joblessness and most of all crime.

“For me the sky is the limit and I am grateful to KYBT for transforming my life and making it possible

To share my experience with others who may have pondered of giving up in life. I can only say I am

Indebted to KYBT and Allah can reward them for what they have done for me”

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