Ibrahim Bwajuma

Ibrahim Bwajuma

Ibrahim Bwajuma always thought he would always live with tag of the wretched of the earth having been brought in Mombasa’s sprawling estate of Changamwe where life is struggle for the fittest.Here he grew up not knowing where the next meal would come from and he was destined for crime just like his contemporaries until an opportunity beckoned. When he heard of KYBT through Radio Rahma FM he felt that an opportunity could just be beckoning. So the following day, he set off for KYBT after consulting with an Ustadh close to him who personally convinced him that his idea could just pay off.“I had always dreamt of owning a boda boda but had no resources to purchase it.I knew how I would use it to earn a living and progress and when I sold the idea to the staff at KYBT, they readily took me through business training before giving me a loan of Ksh 100,000 which I promptly used to acquire a motor bike. I now use the motor-bike to transport load and passengers within the estate,” a beaming Ibrahim narrated adding that this venture has transformed his life in a manner he never thought would be possible.

And he is optimistic that after clearing his loan, he will acquire another one through savings and another loan from KYBT, employ a friend and hopefully within the next few years buy a pick-up. The 30 year old married father of two says he will remain forever indebted to KYBT for making it possible for him to settle down in life something he never thought would happen. He also says he now would be a drugs addict were it not for the loan which he terms as gift from KYBT, an organization he urges to continue targeting struggling youth especially from the slums.

Thanks to KYBT for opening a new chapter of my life and hoping that I will be a good example to

others. KYBT IS REAL.

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