Elizabeth Kahindi

Elizabeth Zawadi Kahindi, 31, spent her childhood in Kaloleni area where she studied to form two before dropping out due to lack of fees. She came from a humble family who were farmers. Her childhood dream has always been to be a nurse, and still is, as she hopes that someday she will settle down and find her way to a nursing college. Her broken dream led her to work as a guard for a while before she decided that she wants to be independent and be an entrepreneur. She decided to work as an Mpesa agent and then finally decided to venture into poultry farming after her friends encouraged her to take up the profitable business.

The business was going on well until in 2014 when her 250 chicks all died after being given the wrong medication. She went through a hard time trying to bring back her business and had to ask friends for help. Thereafter, in 2015, she decided to expand her business after she got a bigger place to conduct her poultry farming. Her friends encouraged her to come to KYBT and request for a loan. She was quite nervous while talking to the KYBT panel yet she was really happy to finally get the loan. Five years down the line since starting her business and one year after getting the loan, Elizabeth now owns 350 chicken. She takes up 250 other chicken every ten days after selling off her previous stock. She usually sells her chicken to butcheries in different parts of Mombasa.

Her family has always supported her and is happy for her achievements. Elizabeth currently is a single mother of two children aged 11 and 3 respectively. She admits that it is hectic balancing between business and children yet she hasn’t given up hope or her zeal to keep working hard. At the moment Elizabeth lives in her own house that she has built from the business.

Her suggestion to KYBT is that larger loans be given to the youth because when someone wants to start a very organized business then one hundred thousand is never enough. Nonetheless, she is very grateful to KYBT and encourages anyone to approach the organization for loans because even if one doesn’t receive the loan, they get free training that is very beneficial.

Elizabeth’s mentors are her two friends who’ve been advising her and giving her maximum help during her business journey and her hope for the future is that she will have an even bigger poultry farm than she does at the moment.

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