Ali Himid

Ali Himid

Idle mind is an evil mind. Living in Kisauni area, where many young youth end up abusing drug, is an order of the day, as he recalls. His close friends have approached him many a times to join them in the using of illicit drugs. He opted to follow the juncture since the world had nothing in store for him. He would be idle the whole day only when a casual labour arise. Many thoughts lingered his mind with no answers. He thoughts on ways where he could stop poverty, but that bored no fruits. His two younger sisters and a brother were depending on him since his parents are too old and sick.

One day he heard about KYBT Mombasa on a local radio station and said he will give it a try, not knowing this will change his way of living. He was offered a loan worth 22,500/- where he bought a tailoring machine which he will use in his daily designing work.

Since that day onwards he has money to look after his family, money to repay back the loan and even some he keeps it in his account for future use

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