Abdi Musa Mzee

Abdi Musa Mzee

Indeed Musa’s journey towards attaining his ever elusive quest of earning money began when he paid a visit to the KYBT centre and shared with the team his life experiences and the misery he had gone through in the search of money which would surely define his life.

“At the KYBT I was convinced that my worries were unfounded as there are many opportunities there beckoning those who are willing and committed to freeing themselves from the unforgiving jaws of poverty. I was taken through an intensive programme where invaluable business skills were imparted on me and today I sing a different tune,” the jolly and effusive 24 year old father of one recalls.

After the training programme he was handed a loan of Ksh 25,000 which he spent on establishing a snacks business. As his business grew, he was promptly able to repay the loan and to obtain another one amounting to Ksh 70,000. He says has enough savings and is planning to open a major business after he repays the current one. He also intends to employ more people from the current one as business gets better.

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