Abdi Mohammed

Since his childhood, Abdi Mohammed (29), wanted to be a business man. He grew up in Kawangware and studied to college level where he studied sales. His mother was a supervisor in the city council of Nairobi while his father was a livestock seller. After completion of his course, he started working in Badar hardware for one year until a time when the employer decided to cut down some employees and he was among the affected. While thinking of what to do next, he remembered how several people used to call him so that he can run their errands for free and thought, ‘why not make it an official business?’ It is after that that he registered his business by the name of ‘Haraka errands’ and the business officially started in 2012.

Among the services they offer is: document processing i.e. registering companies and NGO’s, Banking processes i.e. banking cheques, delivering invoices and delivering marketing materials and also help tourists in issues such as acquiring work permits and renewing visas. However, as he went on with the business, he realized the importance of having their own transport means for their activities. It is then that he decided to approach KYBT, which he knew of since a long time ago, to ask for a loan for motorbikes.

After successfully convincing the panel and acquiring the loan, they now have their motorbikes which are helping them greatly for delivery purposes. Abdi currently has 4 employees; one working in the office and three working in the field. He admits that his family has greatly supported him all along in doing the business.

For my business, one must leave an impression to clients from the first instance. I therefore give it my 110% effort from the very first time a client comes to my office,” Abdi says. He admits that his business has been successful greatly because of the referrals given by his other customers.

Abdi’s mentor has always been his friend who is also the owner of Biozech. He considers him a role model for he grew up from nothing to being a billionaire at the moment and this really inspires him. Apart from his friend, he has high gratitude to Mr. Abdulalim of KYBT who has always been encouraging him.

His target now is to turn his business into a limited company, get more of County work and also get more errands from politicians especially during this elections season. As for the future, he hopes he would be talking of a totally different story.

Abdi encourages youth to approach organizations like KYBT for it is really helpful and his advice to them is, “There is nothing like no jobs. There’s so much to be done out here. One needs to explore.”

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